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What Are the Most Common Causes for Shingle Damage?

Common Reasons Why Roof Shingles Repair Is Needed

If you regularly have your roof serviced or maintained, then you need to know what the most common causes are that can result in emergency roof shingles repair.

Hail storms

Most people would be surprised to learn how much damage hail does to a shingle roof. When hail hits the surface of a shingle roof, depressions or dents are created. And these seemingly minor cosmetic issues will significantly speed up shingle deterioration.

Moss growth

Moss thrives on areas that do not receive a lot of sunlight, and this stuff can cause major issues as it retains moisture. When not removed, the moisture will begin to weaken the shingles, eventually dislodging them resulting in leaks.

Sun Exposure

As the years roll by, the sun’s rays cause shingle fading and decay. When you are choosing new roofing shingles, make sure you choose established manufacturers such as GAF.

Severe winds

Just because hail and rain are not present, it does not mean that your roof remains intact. Far from it, strong winds can affect roof edges, lifting the shingles upwards. This will allow rainwater to get in and for your roof to spring a leak.


When your home is surrounded by trees, and if any of them overhand your roof, the chances are these overhanging branches will end up damaging your roof. Storms have been known to blow older branches on to a roof, which resulted in shingle breakage. The roots of trees extend out and could reach the foundations of your house. When this happens, the ground shifts and foundation issues will occur. So why should this affect my roof I hear you ask, simple, damage below does travel upwards and affect your roof.

That concludes our post for today. If you find that roof shingles repair is needed on your Bellingham, WA based home, then call Nolasco Contractor Service now at (360) 200-7645 to avoid costly repairs. 

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