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Roofing Service Maintenance Tips for Lasting Roofline Results

How to Prolong the Lifespan of Your Roof  

Any reputable roofing service will tell you that ensuring your roof was built to breathe is crucial. Because without the right ventilation, both heat and moisture will result in sheathing and the rafting start rotting, roofing materials to buckle, and insulation cease working. Which will all result in your roofing system becoming ineffective.

Include insulation

The best way to achieve good ventilation and airflow is through the proper insulation. To protect your house against heat loss or gain, include a gap-free layer of insulation in your attic floor and a vapor retarder under the insulation that is next to the ceiling to prevent moisture from rising. Having open, vented spaces which will permit air to pass freely through, you should have at least 1 inch between the insulation and the roof sheathing.

Safeguarding against streaking

Make sure that you pay close attention to the color of your roof. Roof areas, usually in the northern part, are exposed to shade during long periods of time, and humidity will eventually become streaked with mold, fungus, or algae. And when left unchecked, it will eventually deteriorate your roofing material, thus shortening the life of your roof, this can cause leaks and other signs of trouble.

Checking for any signs of shingle damage

Being exposed to daily wear and tear from the elements can result in shingles becoming dilapidated and damaged, which makes the roof structure and interior space open to water seepage and rot. So it is recommended that homeowners examine roof coverings every year to ensure their continued integrity. If your roof is too high to scale, then call in a professional to assess the overall condition of your roof, this is especially important after severe storms.

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